OMG! When she was on Friends, I totally wanted her hair. When Friends was over, I still totally wanted her hair. It's almost like her hair is a part of who Jennifer Aniston is... and Angelina just can't take that away! It might have been one of the most famous hair cuts of all time. Remember the 'ceasar' George Clooney sported? How about the 'Bieber?' We look up to celebrities and frankly, it's not fair. They have an entire team of hair dressers and stylists working for them around the clock. Look at Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton and the ease with which they change their styles. Of course, that might have something to do with Jessica's line of extensions, but the point is, they have people to do this for them. I can't get the lift and staightness in my hair that my hair dresser can... So the day or two after I visit, I look great... after that, I'm on my own. Lots of women tried to get the 'Rachel' or what I refer to as the 'Jennifer.' Lots got it right... A lot more didn't! To be fair, most of us can only aspire to look like Jennifer. In addition to flawless hair, she also has incredible skin and a killer body. All of which she has help with from nutritionists and trainers... Plus, the girl was just blessed! I guess the point I'm trying to make is, Jennifer Aniston is a hair icon. She knows it's a part of her 'package.' She wouldn't change her hair unless she was pretty darn sure it would look good and start a new trend. What do you think? Will you be asking for the 'Jennifer' next time you make a trip to your stylist? BTW, it's too short for me but I think she looks HAWT! WENCH!

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