The Krewe of Highland Parade got an early start over the weekend because of the threat for severe weather. That nasty weather did arrive, but not until close to the end of the parade for many.

This was my first Highland parade experience, and my 5-year-old's first Mardi Gras experience ever, and we came away with quite a haul. We've got everything from stuffed animals to cups, to doubloons and other trinkets, to loads and loads of beads.

We even caught a few food items -- I got one of the famed hot dogs from the barbecue float, and we ended up with lots of candy and gum, cookies and caramel popcorn, Fruit Roll-Ups and Slim Jims.

Our load was a little soggy, though. By the time the parade made it through to where we were situated, at the corner of Kings and Creswell, there was some light drizzle falling. That turned into a full-fledged thunderstorm by the time we arrived home, and the temperature dropped drastically, too. My child requested a hot bath, for the first time ever, before we ever got to the house.

All in all, it was a fun experience. We made some new friends, and a sweet lady from our church gave us a lot of help catching our goodies. Take a look at my photos from the parade: