Ahhh! It's that time of year that I love. High school football and sweaters... well, sometimes sweaters,  but you get my meaning... and it's raining at River Run ATV Park in Jacksonville, TX... Home of Mudstock 2011 powered by Gorilla Axle brought to you by Louisiana Powersports and Can Am ATV! In years past, we've sucked a lot of dust despite bandannas and goggles, but this year, it shouldn't be a problem. Yes, we've seen a crazy drought, but River Run boasts a river that runs right through the middle of the park and they also have multiple water trucks which they use prodigiously. Yes, I just used the word prodigiously. Call me crazy. Actually, I'll call you crazy if you don't mount up and head to Mudstock this weekend. It kicks of Thursday and runs through Sunday. I do have to warn you to bring warm clothes though. The burn ban is still in effect!