As an animal lover, it's sad knowing that many more animals are going extinct in Texas than one might think.

Before searching the internet a bit, I figured that there would be a few endangered species in Texas, but instead, I found out that there are over 200 species (plants and animals) that are either threatened or endangered in the state, as shown on a list created by the Texas Parks and Wildlife. Keep in mind that this is ONLY the list for Texas, and it varies from state to state -- but either way, this is tragic information.

Take for example the horny toad. Its numbers are dwindling in Texas, and it seems to have happened fast. I can remember my parents telling me stories about spotting horny toads scurrying around, and it always amazed me because I'd never seen one (and still haven't) in the wild.

Some animals are more endangered than others

Of the hundreds of animals facing potential extension in Texas, there are some with an EXTREMELY low population. In some of those cases, it is uncertain if the species will make it, although efforts are being made to help.

According to, there are 7 animals in Texas that are the most endangered. You can see each of them here:

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Texas' Most Endangered Animals

How can we help endangered and threatened animals?

Every time another species goes extinct, it causes another chain reaction somewhere. So if one species becomes extinct, it will trigger the endangerment of other species, according to the Endangered Species Coalition. 

If you are tired of seeing so many animals go extinct or become endangered at no fault of their own, there are some things you can do to help. The Wild Animal Health Fund gave some great ways to help endangered species that I'll list out briefly:

  • Visit places that provide habitats for endangered species like national parks, wildlife refuges, and other protected areas
  • It may be said all the time, but reducing, reusing, and recycling can have a big impact
  • Don't buy items made of ivory, real tortuous shells, coral, or other parts of endangered animals
  • Show your local accredited zoos and aquariums support
  • Give to organizations trying to help zoo animals and wildlife
  • Inform others of endangered species.

Personally, I've been working on reducing my footprint when it comes to waste. It's such a small change in habits for me to make, but can have such an impact on our Earth and the species living on it.

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