Everything is indeed bigger in Texas, except for the waterfalls. Did you know that Angel Falls in Venezuela, with a height of 3,212 feet, is the highest in the world?

The tallest waterfall in Texas is a mere fraction of the height of Angel Falls, but, hey, you only gotta travel a little southeast of El Paso, TX to visit it and you still might not be able to get into see it.

Thousands-of-feet-tall-waterfalls are overrated anyway, amirite?

Here in Texas, we are secure enough that all we need is 175 feet of falls. And Capote Falls gets that done for us and is officially the tallest waterfall in Texas. What's cool about these falls is they serve as the main drainage below the Rio Grande Rift and Sierra Vieja, therefore their flow is fairly consistent throughout the year.

Postcard of Capote Falls, near Marfa. A small waterfall is cascading between two large cliffs. The tops of a few trees can been seen at the bottom left and right corners of the photograph. Click here to view.

Don't get caught hiking to see Capote Falls without permission though. This waterfall, located near Marfa, is actually on private property.

PROTIP: Can't get permission to hike to it? Take a helicopter to view it from above.

If you can't get permission, you don't like choppers, and you've just gotta see some Texas waterfalls this summer, you may want to explore the possibility of this, the Waterfalls and Caves Tour of Central Texas.

The area is best known for it's rolling hills and beautiful spaces but also some large waterfalls and several deep caves. There's route you can follow that starts northwest of Austin and ends just north of San Antonio, could be a fun family trip. See more on that here.

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