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Data breach. Computer hack. Leaked Passwords. All phrases you don't want to hear when it comes to your online life. But in today's world, it's all too common. It happens all over, not just places like Silicon Valley or New York City. Businesses and individuals in all states are at risk. Even in Texas and Louisiana.

In most of these cases, it's not some "super hacker" with crazy skills that involve a lot of really fast typing like you see in the movies.


Most cases of "hacks" in today's world involve guessing. A lot of the "hackers" out there will try to get a hold of your email address, and they run through possible passwords to get into your accounts. Which is why experts tell you to make difficult passwords that don't involve your name, your birthday, or your phone number.

Also, don't do simple passwords like 1234.


But, even with all of those warnings, at TON of people still use those codes, and every year, a TON of people get "hacked". Companies like SafetyDetectives and Becker's Hospital Review have looked over millions of passwords, and they've crunched the numbers to come up with lists of the most commonly used, terrible, passwords.

Now if you ever see one of your passwords on a list like this, it's time to change it yesterday. Again, stay away from using your birthday or your phone number too, because those pieces of info are as easy to find as your email address.

There are a lot of other passwords that can cause you headaches too. Basically anything that you can guess through information like your birthday, high school graduation, or children's names can be figured out with some easily discoverable information. Here are some ways to create strong passwords for yourself.

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