Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, is coming back to Downtown Shreveport this August. The 2024 Geek'd Con will take place August 16th, 17th, and 18th, at the Shreveport Convention Center.

Tickets for this year's Geek'd Con are available right now. You can get yours here: 

The guest lineup will include horror movie icon Tony Todd, Scrubs star John C. McGinley, the voice of Master Chief Steve Downes, the voice of Mickey Mouse Bret Iwan, and many more incredibly talented celebrities. Included in the list of celebrities you can meet will be a handful of stars who have been prominently featured in a pair of the biggest box office films of all time.

The movies E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Titanic are both ranked in the Top 5 All Time Box Office movies, when adjusted for inflation. Which is actually an important metric, because when movie box office totals are calculated, they just look at ticket prices, not number of tickets sold. So comparing a movie from when tickets were $1 a piece against modern movie tickets that can cost as much as $30 each, the math isn't even.

But however you slice it, E.T. and Titanic were two of the biggest movie phenomena to ever hit American theatres. Now this year, you can meet stars from both of these films in Downtown Shreveport.

Appearing at this year's Geek'd Con will be two of the main stars from E.T., Henry Thomas and Dee Wallace.

Premiere 20th Anniversary of E.T.
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Thomas played the main protagonist Elliott, and Wallace played Elliott's mother, Mary. The pair led a film that generated an adjusted $1,297,730,421 lifetime box office total, which is good enough for 4th best all time.

Netflix Presents A Special Screening Of "The Haunting Of Hill House" - Red Carpet Arrivals
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But they're not alone, another start from a Top 5 ranked film will also be at the event. The main antagonist from from the movie Titanic (besides the iceberg), Billy Zane will also be coming to Geek'd Con.

"Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga" (Furiosa: Une Saga Mad Max) Red Carpet - The 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival
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Zane played Caledon "Cal" Hockley in the epic Titanic. The James Cameron film generated an adjusted $1,240,054,754 lifetime box office total, which is good enough for 5th best all time.

Both movies were estimated to have sold over 135 million tickets, each, while in theatres.

2022 TCM Classic Film Festival Opening Night 40th Anniversary Screening Of "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial…" - Red Carpet
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Having all of these stars at Geek'd Con gives you the ability to get autographs in person, and also your chance to get pictures with those celebrities. Most celebrities are all about taking selfies at their booths, but they also give you the chance to have a professional photo taken too. Though some of the guests do not do pictures at their tables, and only do Pro Photo Ops.

Here's a look at how much celebrities may charge for autographs and pictures:

Geek'd Con 2024 Guest Autograph Pricing

Johnny's Pizza House Geek'd Con is back for 2024! Once again at the Shreveport Convention Center in Downtown Shreveport. This year's event will feature the first ever Shreveport Sports Card Expo on the second floor. This will feature sports card vendors, memorabilia vendors, and sports guests!

Check out the prices guests will be charging for autographs and pictures here.

Tickets are on-sale now here.

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