James Franco — actor, director, author, high-profile hacking victim, lip-sync artiste and man with 1,008 irons in the fire at all times — is also one half of the musical duo Daddy with musician Tim O'Keefe. And after tapping NYC duo Prince Rama to remix their "I'm a Sword Swallower," the pair has released a new music video for the track, directed by Franco himself. Do NOT watch this video at work! Unless you work in a fetish club, or maybe a sex toy factory.

Dildos, creepy plastic masks, and glitchy VHS-style effects abound in the clip (shot at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont), and it also features light knife play and recreational drug use. The song itself is a fuzzy, Joy Division-ish meditation that transitions into a more festive dance-rock romp in its final quarter.

Franco said of his clip in a press release, "Everything gets wild at the Chateau Marmont. Bungalow 2, where they rehearsed Rebel Without a Cause in the '50s and Nicholas Ray had his affair with young Natalie Wood. Some hippies threw a party, and things got wild." And there's your plot summary.

Franco and O’Keefe, who met attending art school together, formed the band in late 2011. O'Keefe also makes music as tfo and composes Daddy's work, while according to the group's bio, "Daddy investigates the territories of film/video, installation, and performance while simultaneously exploring the connections that form between them." The connections, in this case, involve a low-res pastiche of random body parts and what feels like some gleeful fetish tourism on Franco's part.

Watch the James Franco-directed clip above, and let us know if you're awaiting further Daddy videos.

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