This is a dream come true, and just the latest in weirdness to come out of Japan.

The Japanese people are some of the most intelligent human beings on the planet, so if anyone was going to invent this, it would definitely have to be them.

They have, accidentally, invented ice cream that doesn't melt.

Yep, it exists, and it's already for sale in Japan.

A researcher was given the task to create a desert using an extract from strawberries called polyphenol. Once the researcher added cream to the polyphenol, he noticed something truly extraordinary. The dessert he created instantly solidified, which he thought was a problem initially. Then he realized he had essentially created ice cream that doesn't melt.

Technically it does melt in a way, but only after several hours sitting out in room temperature.

This thing is the real deal though, these popsicles can withstand a hair dryer at ful heat for several minutes without changing it's form in any way.

Someone hurry and make this in America!