Am I officially old now? Yes. The answer is yes.

Many people might not know this about me, but once upon a time, I was a pretty avid bowler. Early on in high school, a big group of my friends started casually bowling on Wednesday nights at All Star Lanes. This was maybe 11-12 years ago. It started as a joke, most of us couldn't break 100, but we all loved it. Soon, things got pretty serious. To the point where we all bought expensive bowling balls as well as shoes and the occasional wrist-brace. We even bought a gigantic trophy to hand out to the highest score every night. We did this every single Wednesday night for nearly five years.

The Bowling Stones.

Well, we haven't bowled routinely in a very long time. Basically, we all grew up, got real jobs and/or moved away for college.

Until now.

The Stones are back in action and in our second week back, tensions were high last night.

Everyone wanted that trophy, and we would do anything to get our hands on it.

On the second bowl of the night, I felt the weirdest pain in my butt. Yes, my upper-left buttcheek, to be exact.

My friends, after an embarrassing doctor visit, I can (not)proudly say that I have pulled my Gluteus Medius muscle. How does this even happen?

The doc told me I shouldn't bowl for the next six weeks, but you better believe I have a date with destiny when the Bowling Stones return next week.

Now back to icing my ass.

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