I have not followed NFL football in any way as of late. Having said that, I;m going to make some picks without knowing a damn thing.

Here's what I know when it comes to the NFL season... It starts this week and Thursday night Football with the Bears and the Packers was an absolute disgrace.

Everything else, I'm pretty clueless so I'm just going to wing-it and see if I can possibly get a few picks right.

Here we go!


Los Angeles Rams at Carolina Panthers 1:00p (ET) 1:00p FOX

Reigning NFC champions against a Saints rival?? Come on, give me the Rams.

Rams 31 - Panthers 27


Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns 1:00p (ET) 1:00p CBS

If there's one thing I know, it's that the hype is big for Cleveland. I;m hopping on the hype train.

Titans 20 - Browns 23


Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00p (ET) 1:00p CBS

Oh man, I like the sound of this game. Of course, in Shreveport we probably won't get to see it. I'm taking the Chiefs for no reason other than Patrick Mahomes.

Chiefs 23 - Jaguars 13


Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins 1:00p (ET) 1:00p CBS

Two words: SNOOZE. FEST. Give me the Ravens for no reason whatsoever.

Ravens 24 - Dolphins 13


Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings 12:00p (CT) 1:00p FOX

Is Kirk Cousins still the QB in Minnesota? Honestly, I have no clue. If he is, I have to take the Falcons.

Falcons 30 - Vikings 28


Buffalo Bills at New York Jets 1:00p (ET) 1:00p CBS

No part of this matchup excites me. I'm yawking now as I pick the Jets at home.

Bills 14 - Jets 16


Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles 1:00p (ET) 1:00p FOX

Now this is a fun match-up. NFC East action and I'm expecting a big year out of the Eagles, so I'm picking them.

Redskins 17 - Eagles 31


Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers 1:05p (PT) 4:05p CBS

Colts don't have Andrew Luck do they? Philip Rivers is throwing 4 TD's and the Chargers win.

Colts 10 - Chargers 38


Cincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks 1:05p (PT) 4:05p CBS

I don't think I could possibly make up a reason to give you to pick the Bengals, so I'm not going to try.

Bengals 17 - Seahawks 20


Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals 1:25p (MST) 4:25p FOX

I drafted Kyler Murray to take me to the fantasy promise land, so I have to have faith in my boy.

Lions 27 - Cardinals 28


New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys 3:25p (CT) 4:25p FOX

This one is tough. The Cowboys should win this game, but they've had quite a distracting off-season. I think it's low scoring, and the Giants pull off the stunner.

Giants 17 - Cowboys 10


San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4:25p (ET) 4:25p FOX

Jimmy G is back for the 49ers and they're traveling cross-country to win, baby.

49ers 27 - Buccaneers 21


Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots 8:20p (ET) 8:20p NBC

The Steelers are pretty pumped to not have Antonio Brown drama this off-season, aren't they? Can they beat the champs? Hell yes.

Steelers 38 - Patriots 31


Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints (Mon) 6:10p (CT) 7:10p ESPN

ESPN projected the Saints to win the Super Bowl this season. Well, it all starts Monday night and I;m picking them to start off the year with a dub.

Texans 26 - Saints 35


Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders (Mon) 7:20p (PT) 10:20p ESPN


The Raiders are an absolute mess right now, can't see this winning this ugly game.

Broncos 16 - Raiders 14

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