The GOAT is back and it's some of his best work.

In one of the album's most-talked about songs, "Zeus", the chorus puts it best:

I be on my own, head up in the clouds like Zeus
When they say, “You ain’t the GOAT”, I come down like, “Who?”
But I got my head in the clouds like Zeus
Swear, I could see the game from a bird’s-eye view


Over the weekend, the Rap God himself came down from the clouds to grace us all with his b side to January's Music to be Murdered By. In typical Eminem fashion, he promoted the album in no way whatsoever, simply letting it drop and sending the internet immediately into a frenzy.

The tracklist is long and strong, despite not having some of the monstrous names that were rumored to be appearing on the project. Music to be Murdered By Side B gives us 16 tracks in total. One of those tracks being a skit, and two of them being an intro and an interlude.

With the surprise release of the album, fans were also treated to a surprise video to the album's first single, "Gnat".

Sometimes I'll listen to a new album and eventually be disappointed with the first single released. That is not the case with MTBMB Side B. Eminem chose arguably this album's hottest song to lead the way. Every song on this album shows off Em's top-tier lyricism, several songs showcase an incredible beat like "Higher" and "Tone Deaf", and several songs display true songwriting like literally no one else on the planet can deliver like "Alfred's Theme" and "Discombobulated". His first single, "Gnat" is an intricate blend of both, making it quickly one of my favorite Eminem songs of all time.

The album is full of the give-no-shit disses that we come to expect from the battle rapping legend. Machine Gun Kelly gets his deserved fair share, as well as Tekashi and Ja Rule to name a few. One of the most-talked about disses from the album comes at the tail-end of "Zeus" where Eminem takes aim at another rap OG, this time taking on Snoop Dogg. His diss to Snoop comes after Snoop made unnecessary derogatory remarks to Eminem and his music.

Long story short, this is a must-listen for any Eminem fan, but also any hip-hop fan or fans of top-notch lyricism.





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