Generally, when I review video games, my reviews come incredibly late. This is no exception, but better late than never.

This video game was released exclusively to PS4 back in September of 2018. It won countless awards, including Game of The Year. I'm not sure why it took me so long to get around to playing this game, but I'm so glad I finally made this purchase. This game lives up to it's hype and then some.

Usually I'm late to these video games because I don't generally have time to play them anymore. Definitely not as much time as I used to have.

Back in the day, though, one of my favorite games to play on Playstation 2 was Spider-Man. I loved the open-world web-slinging experience, and one thing I remember loving about that game was the ability to unlock new Spider-Man suits.

Playing Spider-Man on PS4 immediately took me back to those old days, and it was a complete joy. This game is massive, that would probably be my only complaint. It took my PS4 around six hours to download.

Once it was ready, I spent the entire weekend in Marvel's New York City and I couldn't put down the controller. Naturally, this game is as complex and deep as you would imagine a true Game of the Year to be. Even playing the game on it's hardest settings, it was still easy enough to figure out quickly, but challenging enough to keep you invested.

This game will stand the test of time, it's an absolute masterpiece.




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