As I type this, my fingers are sore from this much gameplay.

I had one goal and one goal only this past weekend... To finish what I started the weekend before, no matter the cost.

Somehow, I managed to stumble into GameStop last weekend and purchase a type of video game I've never purchased before... A Star Wars video game. I can't really tell you why I decided to buy this game, but I'm thinking it has something to do with my recent Mandalorian binge.

Anyway, when I walked in, I asked for the newest Star Wars game available on PS4, to which they handed me Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Prior to purchasing this game, I knew absolutely nothing about it. The video poster looked cool, and that was enough for me.

Little did I know I was just a short drive home away from kicking off a 40+ hour adventure. Clearly, I did not plan on that, as the first night, I managed to play four hours of the game, and made it approximately 4% through the game. After four hours, which was alot for me, I was shocked to see just how little I had accomplished. I didn't have time to play that game again for nearly a week, but it was the only thing on my mind when I got home last Friday night.

With that said, I spent an astronomical amount of time playing this game over the last few days (and this morning) and finally made it to the end. Here are my thoughts.

First and foremost, this is an INCREDIBLE game. It's an open-world story that puts you in the shoes of a young Jedi padawan, Cal Kestis. At the time of this game, Cal was essentially in hiding, as the Jedi were nearly extinct and those who remained were hunted ruthlessly.

After using the Force to save his co-worker from near death, his existence is noticed, and the big bad shows up immediately, and the race is on from there.

What I really loved about this game is how easily it told its story. For me, I'm a very average, at-best, Star Wars fan. Of course, I've seen the movies, and I know just enough to be dangerous, but in the grand scale of fandom, I'm low on the totem pole. Still, it told its story in a way that was easy for me to grasp and become enthralled by it.

The gameplay itself was extremely fun and easy to pick-up. I don't think I've ever devoted that much time consecutively to a video game, yet I was never bored, and when it was all said and done, it left me wanting more.

This is one of the best video games I've ever played.






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