John Travolta is getting sued but this time, it’s not from a groped masseur.. It’s from an author who wrote about his spa sexcapades a few years ago.

Robert Randolph wrote the book ‘You’ll Never Spa in this Town Again’ back in 2010. He claimed that he witnessed Travolta fondling and fornicating with these spa men more than a decade ago. When Robert published this book, Travolta’s lawyers blasted him, saying the book was full of ‘blatant defamatory lies’ from a ‘patently unreliable source’. They even pointed out that Robert had on his website that he suffered from permanent brain damage and urged fans to not buy into his lies.

Well now that all these molested masseurs have come forward, Robert wants to get paid. He says that they lied about his health conditions and discredited him in order to persuade readers to not purchase the book. He is suing Travolta and his lawyer Marty Singer for an unspecified amount for damages.