Yesterday I posted on the Holly Hill Fall Horse Trials that are this weekend in Benton and I've also posted about GREAT in Greenwood, LA... Talk about serendipity! These two great entities are coming together in a fund raiser for a friend of mine's son, Peter Wrzesinski. This weekend, as a part of his senior project for English IV at Parkway High School. Won't you help him (and GREAT) out? Here's what I got from Julie (his mom):

He is doing a fundraiser called "jumping for GREAT" Great Results Equine Assisted Therapy. At the Holly Hill event,(this weekend), he is asking all competitors and visitors to donate $1. With 250 riders and even more spectators, he hopes to raise $300. He chose GREAT because they help disabled children and adults. They (GREAT) are part of the ARC of Caddo/Bossier. Also, Pete has been volunteering over there with his girlfriend. This fundraiser is the community service part of his senior project for English IV at Parkway. He is happy to have found a project that incorporates his love of riding. So, maybe you could mention the event and the fundraiser. Even if people do not donate, they can watch some awesome rides. There will be olympic level riders (Mike Huber) as well as up and coming international riders. There is also a trade show--everything english. As well as good food and a friendly atmosphere. Finally, Tracy is doing a costume contest Saturday afternoon. Any and all horses or dogs dressed up can show. There are some awesome costumes out there.