If you follow our advice, you could pick up some cool stuff.  I know that it sounds cliche', but that's so true.  For the second week in a row, we gave you the chance to win some of the most coveted concert tickets in the world - Ed Sheeran's Divide Tour.

All you had to do is download the brand-new K945 app that lets us live in your phone, find the Shape of "U," screen shot it, and submit it to us as an entry to win.  Tons of entries flooded our internet thingy where we gets things.  One lucky entrant scored some sweet, sweet singing leprechaun (Ed Sheeran) tickets for his upcoming August show in Dallas - just for following directions!

Congratulations are definitely in order for Brantlie Atkins!  We called Brantlie to give her the good news, but she was sleeping.  Did we let that stop us?  No way!  We are are the picture of determinism!