Kate Gosselin is dating and Kellie Raspberry is ticked! Lindsay heads back to court and Billy Ray is in trouble with Miley. Find out this and more in today's Showbiz Top 5!

5. In news that makes me want to crawl under the covers and stay there for a very, VERY long time... Kate Gosselin is dating again. KATE GOSSELIN!!! She has 8 kids!!! She's got the reputation for being a complete B!!! SHE can get a date and I can't??? What has Kate Gosselin got that I don't??? Anyway, she says she's been on a few little dates here and there. And she's definitely not looking for another baby daddy. Eight is definitely enough.

4. Us Magazine is reporting that Dianna Agron is in hiding because she's scared of what her ex-boyfriend Alex Pettyfer might do. She and Alex have been dating for almost a year, after meeting on the set of their movie "I Am Number Four." But a couple of weeks ago, Dianna moved out of the home they were sharing and into a hotel, where a source says she's staying under an alias. A source says Alex has been a "psycho loose cannon" since the two of them broke up, even getting into a heated argument with this actor named Sebastian Stan, who started in "Black Swan," because he thought Dianna had hooked up with him. The source says Alex threatened Dianna during a vicious phone conversation and that she's terrified of him at this point. Alex's rep is denying the whole story.

3. Lindsay Lohan is due in court today and the word is that the prosecutor will offer her a plea bargain, but it will involve jail time. And sources say there is no way Lindsay will accept those terms because she is innocent. She did not steal that necklace and she's willing to go to trial to clear her name. Lindsay's lawyer hasn't seen the surveillance video from the jewelry store that shows Lindsay allegedly stealing a necklace. She will get a copy of that this morning, before the hearing begins. Perhaps after viewing the video, Lindsay's attorney will reconsider that plea bargain, or it just might help them prove that Lindsay is innocent.

2. Yesterday a judge eased up on Chris Brown's restraining order after Rihanna's attorney said she didn't object to having the whole thing removed. So now, instead of staying at least 50 yards away from Rihanna, Chris and Rihanna are free to mix and mingle, as long as Chris doesn't harrass, annoy or threaten her. If he does, he will be in violation of his probation, and that will be bad. Very bad. This new order remains in effect until Chris' probation ends in August 2014.

1. Billy Ray Cyrus gave an interview to GQ magazine that was downright scathing. But now he's backpeddling a bit, saying his comments were "explosive, and unintentionally so" and that it's very important to work on mending his family right now. Billy Ray blames "Hannah Montana" for destroying his family and he said he was tired of Miley's handlers making him the fall guy when they're the ones to blame for her out-of-control behavior. Miley was beyond furious with her dad, and reportedly she demanded that he cancel an interview with "The View" this week so he can't say anything worse. In an effort to repair the damage to their relationship, Billy Ray agreed. Now he just has to deal with an angry Barbara Walters, who I'm sure is ticked about missing out on this interview.

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