Well, you don't see that headline every day! It is true, and it's all about her song "Dark Horse" featuring Juicy J. These christian hip-hop artist claim that Perry stole the sound that made 'Dark Horse' from their song released in 2008.

Musicians Marcus Gray (Flame) and Chike Ojukwu of St. Louis as well as Lecrae Moore of Atlanta and Emanuel Lambert filed the lawsuit against Perry on Tuesday.

Also worth noting, reports indicate that Juicy J, producers, and song writers are also named in the lawsuit.

Flame and Lecrea have a firm belief that Perry's 2013 hit was a complete rip-off of their 2008 track entitle "Joyful Noise". The Christian artist's not only believe she stole their sound, but also that she tarnished their track with the "black magic" associated with 'Dark Horse'.

Do they have a case? Listen for yourself, below are the two songs in question.