To go out or stay in? That is the question.

Do you ever have one of those days where everything just seems to go wrong? Like the cards are just not in your favor? For Kellie Rasberry, that was last night as she and her boyfriend, Allen, decided to take Emma Kelly out to dinner with them.

Then everything unraveled.

First, they wanted to take out the convertible, but decided against it because of the impending weather. Unfortunately, it ended up being a beautiful night. Second, Kellie went out of her way to get floor mats for Allen's car (that needed to be replaced), but he had already ordered them. Plus, despite going to Kellie's house multiple times, he still gets lost in her neighborhood.

And that's even before they make it to the restaurant.

So what else went wrong for Allen, Kellie and Emma Kelly? Was there puking involved?If you missed it, listen below.