KFC has recently reintroduced Col. Sanders as the official spokesman.  The dapper gentlemen, now played by Darrel Hammond, tells us about his Southern fried delicious treats. Sometimes he even sings us songs about where, in fact, the chicken is. Is it in the bucket, or is it in the beans? Thank goodness...it is in both.

Well, as strange as putting chicken in beans may sound, don't forget KFC's stranger forays into the "where can we put chicken where it may not really belong" game. Remember the double down sandwich. It was a sandwich wherein chicken was the bread. Chicken......was the bread. There was no bread! Chicken-ham-cheese-chicken. Crazy? Maybe...Crazy Delicious!

Well, my American friends and neighbors, we don't have exclusivity on strange KFC food experiments. Check out the video below to see what strange food baby KFCs in The Philippines are making.