I don't know what's more impressive? The greatest catch in baseball history or the fact that it was made by a kid.

Seriously, this is a once-in-a-lifetime grab that you'll (probably) never see again. Jack Regenye is the name and catching balls is the game. He was playing outfield in a recent Little League World Series match up where he needed an impressive glove and an even more impressive jump to make the play of the millennium.

His team (ages 12-15) was taking on the Chinese Taipei when Jack made a home run robbing play. He ran towards the fence and realized he was out of realestate, but that wasn'tstopping him.

He jumped, Michael Jordan in Space Jam style, over the fence and somehow made the diving/flipping grab.

Controversy ensued afterwards because even the umpires couldn't believe what they had witnessed. At first it was ruled an out, then overturned into a home run, then reversed back into the original (and correct) call of an out.

Sadly, it seems this play was the only thing that went well for Jack's team, because Chinese Taipei went on to win 12-1.

You have to see this!



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