Ella is Matthew Davidson's mother and biggest cheerleader! When we found out Matt had been selected for Rock Camp, I ask her to blog or journal a bit each day so our listeners could get an inside look at  Kidd Kraddick's Rock Camp. Ella said she would and she's a woman of her word! This is from Sunday:

Matthew and I left Shreveport at 5:30 AM headed to the Kidd Kraddick Studio in Irving, Texas. We’re staying over here all week, and hope to be joined by Matthew’s dad and sister later in the week.

The studio where the band will be working all week is really neat, and everyone was friendly and excited about the week ahead. We were told it’s going to be a challenging but fun week for the kids. The most challenging part will probably be getting up early enough to be at the studio at 7 AM each day!

They’ll be learning some songs, writing a song and then recording it and shooting a music video to go with the song. They’ll have special guests helping them and working with them this week. We met the first guest today. It’s Tim Halperin, singer/songwriter and American Idol finalist. (www.timhalperin.com) No wonder he looked familiar when we first saw him.

I’m not sure when the Rock Camp Band’s first time to be on the Kidd Kraddick radio program will be. We had a parents’ meeting and then were “dismissed”. I headed to the nearest Starbucks and will pick Matthew up at 2:00.


Day 1 (Continued) – Sunday, July 24
Matthew had even more fun than he could have imagined today at Rock Camp. Here’s what he told me about his day:
The band got right to work, rehearsing the song “Breakeven” by The Script. This was the song that they had to learn a portion of for their audition, so parts of it were all too familiar! After practicing a while, they had lunch delivered and then had a photo shoot, both  individual shots and band photos. They went into the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning studio to record some audio introductions. Matthew was using Jenna’s microphone, which he thought was pretty neat. All of the band members were interviewed, and footage was also shot during today’s practice. (It will be fun to see when and where all of this turns up). Matthew enjoyed hanging out with Tim Halperin, who was already calling Matthew “my boy” when I picked him up and took their picture together. Think they both like CCR music and everyone said that Matthew looked like John Fogerty.
I took Matthew to the Guitar Center tonight, his new home away from home. We headed back to the hotel right after dinner, since we have to set the alarm for 5:30 in the morning!