While Kim Kardashian's acting has been almost universally panned, she still thinks she knows her stuff about the craft. As such, she boasted quite a bit about fiance Kanye West's onscreen talents.

TMZ cameras kaught up with Kardashian, who was joined by sister Kourtney, Scott Disick, Tyga, Blac Chyna and mom Kris for a screening of 'Anchorman 2' at the Commons in Calabasas, Calif., and she couldn't be more proud of her man's cameo. When a pap pried and asked K.K. how he did, she smiled, "He was great!"

The followup? "Do you think he's a natural actor?" Kardashian replied, "Of course!"

Of course, Kardashian is probably a bit biased, but Yeezy does have comedic chops: He had an HBO pilot, he's got his signature shrug, his Jimmy Kimmel feud ... unfortunately, his best jokes are often delivered unintentionally. Still, we bet his cameo is hilarious!