Kings of Leon can add acting to their resumes now. Appropriately enough for a band that’s known to love their alcohol, the brothers Followill made cameos on ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ — as bartenders and a drunk.

In their brief camera time, Jared and Nathan Followill are bartenders at Mac and Charlie’s high school reunion. When Mac and Charlie try ordering six beers with four drink tickets, it creates a conflict. Mac calls Nathan’s character a “bozo,” so Jared steps in. ”Two tickets per person, guy,” Jared says sternly.

This sets Mac off. “I didn’t ask you, pretty boy,” Mac says, growing indignant. “This is a conversation between me and the long hair.”

Jared is pretty outspoken in real life, and his character was no different. He turned to Nathan, pointing at Charlie, and said, “None for him,” then pointed at Mac and added, “or the fat b—-.”

Shortly thereafter, a guy in a suit approaches the bar, high fives the Followills and successfully orders eight beers — using counterfeit drink tickets that he refuses to share with Mac and Charlie. Who is he more generous with? Caleb Followill in his own walk-on role.

Against Charlie’s wish, Mac proceeds to rat on his well-dressed, computer savvy former classmate, leading Jared and Nathan to rescind his and Caleb’s beverages. (If this were real life, in Caleb’s case, it would be for the best.)

The clip is pretty funny, especially for those familiar with the show — and with the band’s boozy antics. The brothers seemed to enjoy themselves. Nathan joked, “And so my acting journey begins. I’ve already got 5 auditions lined up for tomorrow. I’m currently interviewing agents. “ Jared tweeted, “And the Emmy for Breakthrough Acting in a Comedy Series goes to……..Jared Followill, Bartender #2!!!!!”

It’s unclear whether the guys will do more acting, but Jared did tease fans via — where else? — his Twitter. “Thanks for watching guys. Maybe #KingsOfLeon and #SunnyFX can reunite one day.”

Watch Kings of Leon in ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

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