Over the weekend, Kings of Leon brought the drama when the lead singer, Caleb Followill, left during the middle of the show and never returned. He was completely wasted and complaining that it was too hot when he just walked out in the middle of the concert. All the band mates turned on him to the crowd, saying ‘Hate him, not us.’ Since then, his brother Jared started venting on twitter, saying there were so much bigger problems in the band. Their manager was blaming Caleb’s seizing vocal cords for the sudden departure. They cancelled their show in Houston the following night but promised to make up both shows next month. But now that’s not the case anymore because the band has cancelled their shows for the next two months.

They released a statement yesterday saying they are taking two months off so Caleb can rest his voice and recharge. They said in order to give their fans what they deserve, they need to take a break but will not be able to make up shows because they will continue with their international tour. Jared tweeted that the situation was unfortunate, but family comes first. He also said that the band is not breaking up!

But with Caleb needing two months off to ‘rest’, think he’ll be going to rehab?

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