The Krewe of Highland's coronation was Friday, August 8th and it's safe to say that a good time was had by all! The event took place at the Riverside Warehouse with live music from Gnarly Brothers band and food from Blue Southern Comfort Foods Catering.

While the music and food was excellent, the stars of the evening were the new Highland royals for their 20th season!

Travis and Amy Henry- The Legates of Love
Rob and Leslye Gilchrist- Magister and Magistra of Mellilingua
Chris and Sarah Brown- The Dux of Hazzard
Darrel and Karen LaBeau- Dux and Domina Ludibundus
Barry Butler and Cara Derrick- Consul of Cocktails and Goddess Domestica
Chris and Christy Kirkley- Duke Marc Antony and Duchess Cleopatra
Denny and Betty Cummings- Legatos De Vini and Domina Snoopus
Chris Jay and Sara Hebert-Titus Lucius and Sara of Toga
Christy Moreau- Domina Cupida
John Bogan- Factotum of Frivolity
Stephanie Smith- Co-Captain
Robin Drury- Captain
Erin Berry- Imperatrix Malificiens
Alan Berry- Caesar Baetitatus

A lot of our pictures came out dark so we have to thank the always fabulous Kathy Stroesser Kochenderfer for allowing us to use some of her pictures as well for this event!