January 25, 2011

Has Ted Williams thrown in the towel? Lady Gaga another in a long line of engagements? And puppy love for one of the Jonas brothers? Find out more with the Hizziewood Hizzle!

Ted Williams, the homeless radio DJ, has quit rehab. He has been there for about a week and checked out yesterday, heading straight for the airport. Dr. Phil, who originally encouraged him to seek help has released a statement saying that this was all voluntary and he just hopes that he stays committed to his sobriety. How do you think this is going to end up?

Could Lady Gaga be engaged? Multiple media outlets are reporting that he longtime boyfriend, Luc Carl, has proposed to Gaga and they are waiting until the release of her next single "Born This Way" to come out on February 13th before making an announcement. Supposedly, Gaga spent the Christmas holiday with Luc in his childhood bedroom and they realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. They recently moved into her $25,000 a month estate in Bel Air together. She doesn't have a ring because he couldn't afford one when he wanted to propose.

When you're a Jonas brother, you can buy your girlfriend whatever she wants right? Even if it's the most expensive dog ever. Joe's girlfriend, Ashley Green had her eye on a miniature English Bulldog, but the doggie came with a pricetag of $12,000! Friends say this is nothing new and that he constantly splurges like this on presents for her. Last month he took her on a shopping spree in NYC where he she racked up items at Saks, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, all with Joe footing the bill!

Is Rihanna on the girls' team? If you believe a girl named Tajah she is. This woman has written an unauthorized biography chronicling her trysts with Rihanna. She says that she met her years ago, right when she was coming up on the music scene and after exchanging texts, the 2 started hanging out romantically. She goes into some graphic detail about the rest...

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