Lady Gaga is known for her array of hairstyles and colorful wigs, and Mother Monster went all out with her ‘do while arriving in Tokyo recently.

Gaga greeted her Japanese fans in the capital city wearing a black leather dress with studs. While her ensemble, including her sky-high lace-up heel boots, was on the darker side, she added a pop of color with her massive rainbow ponytail.

It’s the same style as the pink updo she rocked in the ‘Born This Way’ video (remember when she’s wearing the skull makeup?), but this time she swapped the hot pink color for a mix of bright shades for the flipped, almost bouffant-like, hip-length ponytail.

We wonder how much that ponytail weighs … It looks like it could a strain of the average person’s neck! But if it was weighing down on her beautiful dome, she didn’t let it show — Gaga was all smiles as she waved to fans at Narita International Airport, and she even went up to the crowd to pose for pictures and accept gifts from her Japanese little monsters.

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball will impact Tokyo on Thursday, May 10 and Saturday, May 12, and Sunday, May 13. Put your paws up and get ready to party, Japan!