Smoking isn't a good habit for those who value their longterm health or physical appearance, but can be especially detrimental to someone whose vocal cords are an integral part of their career. Lady Gaga understands this in the same way all singers understand it. But she smokes anyway, despite both knowing better and being scolded by some of her most famous friends — many of whom have implored her to quit.

Speaking with Nick Grimshaw for BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show, Gaga admitted she had to leave the radio studio moments earlier to smoke a cigar in the garage, due to anxiety she felt over the release of her latest single, “Perfect Illusion.”

“I will quit when we start doing TV and stuff, but I try to look at things in perspective,” she said. "It’s terrible. I have been yelled at by Elton [John], by Stevie Wonder, by Tony Bennett, the list could go on of amazing, great people who are like, ‘You need to stop smoking,’”

“But I get anxiety sometimes, and my record is out today and I needed to have a moment alone,” she said.

"I don’t smoke cigarettes, though," Gaga added. "I smoke clove cigars."

Head over to BBC to listen to Gaga's full co-hosting stint with Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show.

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