It’s safe to say none of last season’s ‘American Idol‘ contestants are thankful for video cameras this year. Only hours after victor and pal Scotty McCreery got busted forgetting to really sing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, runner up Lauren Alaina got busted forgetting the lyrics to the national anthem.

Alaina started the Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers game with her rendition of the ‘Star Spangled Banner,’ and she sounded great. However, when she got to the lyric, “What so proudly we hailed / Through the twilight’s last gleaming,” she seems to have lost her footing, mustering only, “What so proudly we hailed / Through the twi …” before going quiet. Maybe she’s an Edward Cullen fan and started daydreaming mid-song?

However, Alaina quickly regained her momentum and finished off the song perfectly — which lends us to believe that maybe she didn’t quite forget the lyrics, but perhaps that there may have been a technical glitch of some sort. It’s especially hard to gauge what actually happened because the camera wasn’t on Alaina at the time of the error.

In any case, the ‘Idol’ castoff is in good company. Christina Aguilera notoriously reworked the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ lyrics at the Super Bowl, and Avril Lavigne flipped out over technical glitches at a Tampa Bay Rays game in June.

Plus, chances are the fans still love Lauren Alaina more than their halftime performers. Sorry, Nickelback!


Watch Lauren Alaina Sing the National Anthem