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Louisiana has a lot going on for it.  That being said - the food, natural beauty, awesome people, and more just aren't enough to keep a large chunk of our citizens from pulling up roots and heading out for greener pastures elsewhere. The government's latest numbers show that Louisiana lost more than 98,000 people to other states.

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Every state loses citizens every year, but Louisiana loses more than most

The data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2019 American Community Survey shows that the Sportsman's Paradise is far below the average in terms of population growth, which is directly affected by the amount of folks who are moving out.  According the the numbers, the average population growth per state is 7.4% each year.  Louisiana clocks in at a dismal 2.7%.

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Most of our "deserters" don't move far

According to the data, when Louisiana residents pack up and move to a different state they usually don't go far.  Wall Street 24/7 crunched the numbers and found out that most ex-Louisianans end up in Texas or Mississippi (2 of our closest neighbors).

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Where else are our people going?

Let's start with where they are not.  South Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia reported that they have no new residents from Louisiana.  The state with the least amount of former citizens of the Bayou State was Delaware, who claimed that they had 41 new people who immigrated from Louisiana.  Now, let's see who the top 5 states are:

The Top 5 States Former Louisiana Residents Move To

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