Boozy... dietary... we've got them all!

I don't know about you, but I consider myself a foodie. I enjoy eating and I also love trying new foods and trends. Some would say I #DoItForTheGram, but I genuinely have a strong relationship with food. That being said, I've seen a ton of things online about the best songs, movies, shows of the decade and I was pumped to find one that was food based.

So what were the biggest food trends we saw in the last ten years.

I found a list from Business Insider of the 10 Biggest Food Trends of the Decade. Truth be told, I also found a list of the top 30 food trends so if you're looking to really go deep, you can definitely check that list out.

Over the past ten years we saw dietary restrictions take off and an emphasis of knowing where our food comes from, but we also saw some pretty boojie trends pick up too. Hard seltzer, anyone? Below is a list of the 10 biggest food trends of the 2010.

1. Hot Sauce
2. Food Halls and Food Trucks
3. Gluten-Free Options
4. Hybrid Desserts (like the "cronut")
5. Charcuterie Boards
6. Vegan Diets
7. Plant-Based Milks
8. Setlzer (both boozy and non-alcoholic)
9. Farm-to-Table Restaurants
10. CBD-infused products

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