Lindsay Lohan is done with her court appearances, jail time and rehab.. Hopefully. She went to her final court date for her DUI. Judge Stephanie Sautner told her that she did everything that the courts asked her, so her probation for the two DUI arrests is finally over, but the necklace case will still be hanging over her head until 2014. The judge told her that all she needed to do was stay out of trouble, stay out the clubs and focus on her career.

Lindsay is happy to put this all behind her that she’s already singing her own praises. She called into TMZ to tell them that she has straightened her life out and intends to stay out of trouble. She said, "It's a tremendous weight that I feel like's been lifted off my shoulders and I feel really grateful and just happy and ready to move forward. It's been several years . . . I did what I had to do and it takes time to realize that, but it's a good day. First of all growing up and kind of just sitting back and seeing that I had worked so hard to be something that I wanted to be . . . and that I kind of just let it all fall apart. So kind of sitting back and looking at that and saying, 'Okay this is not what I signed up for. Like, wake up. Also I think Judge Sautner really understood that I'm really good with structure because I'm used to being on sets and that sort of thing.  It just made sense and it worked right."