Lindsay just can't seem to catch a break... Find out who/what denied her in the Showbiz Top 5!

5. Serene Branson is that CBS reporter who had a meltdown during her live Grammy coverage, which led to lots of jokes about it until somebody mentioned, uh... she might have suffered a stroke. Serene was checked out by doctors, and they discovered she did NOT suffer a stroke, but had a “complex migraine.” Symptoms of the condition can mimic those of a stroke, including weakness, loss of vision and trouble with speech. Basically, Serene's blood vessels in her brain had a spasm and we all heard what happened. But she's fine now.

4. NeNe Leakes and Star Jones are two of the contestants on the upcoming "Celebrity Apprentice," and sources say the two of them hated each other so much during filming, that they actually got into a physical fight. A source told that Star pointed her finger in NeNe's face, and she slapped that finger out of her face and rushed her. Other people had to break things up before things got too incredibly out of hand. Later, NeNe told talk show host Wendy Williams that she wouldn't spit on Star if she was on fire. "Celebrity Apprentice" is back on Sunday, March 6.

3. Jessica Simpson wants to shape up before she gets married to Eric Johnson, so she's hired celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson to kick her booty back into shape. Tracy has her doing a 75-minute routine that includes dance aerobics, ab work and strength training. And she does it four days a week. Tracy says Jessica just wants to look healthy in her wedding dress and that she's already seeing results.

2. Brandi Glanville is still ticked off that Eddie Cibrian left her for LeAnn Rimes. But perhaps she should keep some of her bitterness off Twitter. LeAnn spends a lot of time with Eddie's sons, Mason and Jake, and after finding out that LeAnn was going to sing in her son's class, Brandi tweeted LeAnn directly, “I told Eddie to please tell you that I think it is highly inappropriate for you to sing in my sons class on Friday. Boundries!!!" In another tweet, she blasted at LeAnn, "It's Mason's week share his family with the class. it isn't ur place. Let Eddie read a script. You are not his parent. RESPECT!" Although LeAnn didn't directly respond to Brandi, she did tweet this, "I have asked once and would hope my fans would please respect my wishes… please do not retweet me anyone else's drama."

1. Poor Lindsay Lohan can't seem to catch a break. She went into a Beverly Hills pharmacy to use their ATM... wanted to pull out a little spending money to keep in her pocket. She tried her first credit card. It was denied. So she tried a second credit card. Denied. A third card? Denied. One of her friends says "Call for service" was flashing on the screen and that it wasn't that Lindsay's cards were being denied -- the machine was obviously broken. On her way out, she even yelled at the clerk behind the counter, "You need to call somebody and have your ATM fixed!" But was it REALLY a broken ATM or is Lindsay just broke? According to the clerk at the pharmacy, the ATM was working just fine all day until Lindsay got ahold of it.