An emotional Lindsay Lohan sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey which was seen Sunday on Winfrey's network OWN and answered questions about her substance abuse issues and her troubled relationship with her family.

Oprah got straight to the point when she asked Lindsay if she was an addict, to which she replied, "Yeah."

Lindsay went on to say that her drug of choice was alcohol, telling Oprah, "That, in the past, was a gateway to other things for me. I tried cocaine with alcohol."

She then went back on her original claim that she had only used cocaine three or four times, saying "I really haven't done it more than 10 to 15 times. Of course, I said three or four. I was terrified of being judged… [But] I've done it 10 to 15 times."

"[Cocaine] allowed me to drink more," she continued. "I think that's why I did it when I did it. It was a party thing."

When asked whether she snorted, smoked or injected, she told Oprah, "Oh, my, no. I snorted it."

Lindsay also claimed to be addicted to chaos, caused by her dysfunctional childhood with her parents.

Good luck, Linds!