Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized Friday morning after she was in a serious car accident. She was on her way to the set of the Elizabeth Taylor movie when she rear-ended a dump truck. She totaled the rental Porsche that she was driving. Both Lindsay and her assistant were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. She was released and returned to work later that day. The truck driver wasn’t injured.

Lindsay claims that the wreck wasn’t her fault. She says that the truck driver cut her off and her brakes didn’t work. The truck driver has lawyered up and blames the wreck on Lindsay. He says that Lindsay tried to take off after the wreck. He says that Lindsay’s people tried to pay him off for his silence but he had already called 911. He also said that Lindsay’s people took a ‘mysterious pink bag’ out of the Porsche and asked him to not mention the bag to the media. No word on what was in that bag.

Lindsay says that the driver is just telling lies and wants to make some money off of her.