I'd say that this bonding moment couldn't have gone worse.

Look, I'm not afraid to admit it... I'm a cat guy. I've got two of them and I love them very much, even though I'm 99.9999% sure they don't care about me in the slightest. I do love cats, but I didn't say anything about kittens.

Nope, I adopted both of mine long after their kitten stage... Because kittens be crazy!

This girl, unfortunately, learned that the hard way.

In the footage, we see a family driving home with their new kitten. The footage picks up once the girl realizes that the kitten literally just used the bathroom on her. The family is loving it, with good ole Mom laughing hysterically.

The funniest part though, is dad freaking out telling her not to move... Because poop on your daughter is bad, but poop in your car is way worse. Check it out!



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