There are many things I love about Reflections of Island Park. I love the private-attached garage. I love the humongous living space. I love the salt water pool. I love literally everything about living there!

I also love how they treat people. That was the driving force that led me to move in, after a poor experience at our last place, the welcoming staff at Reflections assured me that it was the place for me.

This week, they are turning it up a notch after they announced they were giving away a pair of the hottest tickets in town!

That's right, they're giving away a pair of Carrie Underwood tickets!

So to all of my friends who have blown me up for tickets, here's a quick, easy way to score some!

Basically, anyone who tours Reflections of Island Park tomorrow (Thursday) will be immediately entered to win the tickets. Also, you can share this Facebook post to double your chances.

So swing by tomorrow when you have a chance, they're located at 2600 Celebration Cove in Shreveport off Clyde Fant!