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Mardi Gras is in full swing, and it seems like there's a parade happening every time you turn around!  The beads, the parties, the food - it's a lot to take in, and if you're not careful - you can party your way right into the slammer.

22-year old Vernon Cotton (pictured above) was one of the fortunate few who got the chance to ride a float during the Krewe of Janus Mardi Gras parade in Monroe.  Unfortunately, his ride didn't end with a party - it ended in jail.

Cotton is accused of throwing beads from the float during the parade and hitting a K-9 officer this past weekend.  Accidents happen right?  According to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputy that was standing with the K-9, Mr. Cotton launched a 3-pound, basketball sized wad of beads directly at the nuzzle of his partner.  The deputy also claims that there were no other civilians around at the time of the incident, and the pair were only about 10 feet away from the float.

According to BRProud.com, when questioned about the incident, Cotton simply said, "That’s my bad.”

Vernon Cotton was booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center on one count of simple cruelty to animals.  He has since been released.

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