The tension along the border between North and South Korea is incredible.  Even though the bitter open conflict came to a close on July 27th, 1953 - the countries are still technically at war.  The area between the two is commonly referred to as the DMZ, or De-Militarized Zone, and it is extremely dangerous to say the least.  It's a constant reminder that the two countries did not split on good terms.  Not only do you have very heavily armed guards on either side, some reports put the number of land mines at around 3 million.

The combined danger of the mines, barbed wire, tanks, snipers, machine guns, attack dogs, missiles, and itchy trigger fingers wasn't enough to stop a Louisiana resident from trying to taking a little stroll from the South to the North on Monday.  According to Sputnik News, a Bayou State native, only referred to a "A," was arrested after trying to walk across the 25-mile-wide Civilian Control Line without a special government approval.  The area that he tried to cross was a few miles away from the designated DMZ, but no less heavily guarded. Reportedly, all he had with him was extra underwear.

South Korean officials say it is extremely rare for someone to try and cross into the North from the South, especially through such a heavily guarded and patrolled area.  This 58 year old man was determined to get in to North Korea.  According to KALB, he told officials he was on a mission to resolve escalating tensions between the two countries.  Yesterday, the man was handed over to the immigration office for deportation.  No word from US officials on if he will face additional charges.

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