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Don't you just love it when criminals are stupid enough to make it easy for the cops to catch them?  I mean, doing something so obvious that it basically amounts to holding up a sign that says: "Look at me officer!"

That's exactly what happened with 39-year-old Lawrence “Tap” Biagase III in Opelousas, Louisiana earlier this week.  According to the report from MyArkLaMiss.com, Biagase was pulled over on Monday when police noticed that he had a gasoline pump handle and hose dangling from from his car.

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When authorities questioned the man he freely admitted that he drove off with the pump handle still wedged firmly in his vehicle's gas hole because he was rolling a marijuana cigar (commonly referred to as a "blunt").  For reference, this is what we're talking about:

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But Wait, There's More!

Obviously, Biagase's statement peaked the interest of the attending officers.  After a brief investigation, authorities discovered that the suspect's blunt was only the tip of the mind-altering iceberg.  In Biagase's vehicle, police found over a pound of "high-grade" marijuana,  8 ounces of suspected crack cocaine, a combination of (162) prescription pills of Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, and more than 8 grand in cash!

As I am sure you've assumed by now, Mr. Biagase was arrested and charged with possession of Schedule I narcotics with intent to distribute, 3 counts of possession of Schedule II narcotics with intent to distribute, and transactions involving proceeds from drug offenses - but he wasn't the only person in the car.   According to the report, Biagase's girlfriend was also in the car at the time of this incident and was cited for trying to hide the drugs during the couple's encounter with the police.  She is charged with obstruction of justice, but was not arrested.

I guess keeping a "low-profile" just isn't cool anymore - which makes it all the easier to catch idiots like this.



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