This is one wild story from Slidell, Louisiana.

A man was arrested in Mississippi after leading Slidell police officers and state troopers on one wild chase that started in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

The man behind bars got his rocky night started by stealing [power tools from the local Wal-Mart. Loss Prevention officers stepped in but were unsuccessful in stopping the man, or getting back the goods.

Once in the parking lot, the man found himself cornered by Slidell officers. He wasn't going down easily, though, and threw his car in drive and sped away. Unfortunately, he sped away through the parking lot with an officer stuck on his car. Somehow, the officer was able to free himself from the car and make it out with only a few scratches.

The suspect then lead police on quite the chase, which ended once he crossed the border into Mississippi and wrecked his car. The man is facing Third Offense Felony Theft, Flight From an Officer, Battery of an Officer, Assault of an Officer, and more.


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