You may have already seen the video of 33 year old Louisiana Law Enforcement Officer Derrick Stafford - as he, along with other officers, ended a 2-mile car chase in Marksville. Gunfire erupted as the suspect, Christopher Few, seemingly raised his hands in surrender.  In total, body cameras show Derrick and fellow officer Norris Greenhouse Jr fired 18 shots into the cab of Mr. Few's vehicle.  What they didn't realize is that he wasn't alone.  Buckled in the back of the vehicle was Christopher's 6-year old autistic son Jeremy.

According to Time, the latest in this terrible tale came Friday, when state District Judge William Bennett sentenced him to a combined sentence of 40 years in prison.  40 years for manslaughter and 15 years for attempted manslaughter, these sentences will run concurrently.  Norris Greenhouse Jr will face murder charges later this year.  Time has a fantastic article here with all of the twists and turns.  This is a horrible story that highlights the value and necessity of body cams and proper training.  Hopefully this case will be an essential training tool for future law enforcement.

The video below is from the body cam of one of the officers.  It is very difficult to watch.  There's something wrong with the audio at the beginning, but it does come in around 15 seconds in.


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