As a son of a teacher, I hate seeing news like this.

The always hard-working gang at WalletHub recently released their latest study, attempting to name the best and worst states for teachers.

Before we go on, I think we all can agree that teachers are underpaid and underappreciated. I think so often we take their profession for granted, but we shouldn't, because teachers have arguably the most important job in the country. Teaching and training our youth. They practically hold our future in their hands and minds.

WalletHub used 22 key metrics to come to a ranking, which included income growth potential and teacher safety.

All 22 metrics boiled down, placed Louisiana in a pretty bad spot. According to all metrics used, Louisiana is the fourth worst state in America for teachers.

Hawaii came in as the worst state for teachers, while New York came out on top.

To check out the full study, click HERE.