Following the recent disastrous tornado that ripped through Louisiana Tech's campus, the school has already reached its fundraising goal for their inaugural Giving Day.

The thoughts of our state-wide community, as well as the country as a whole, was placed directly in Ruston, LA last week after an EF-3 tornado stormed through town and caused massive damages. At that time, many of us were wondering exactly how we can help.

Luckily, Louisiana Tech has been planning to launch their inaugural Giving Day for over four months. Naturally, the fundraising effort was aimed to make it easier for students to make it to LA Tech's campus via scholarships, although after the tornado, funds will also go to repairing the damages.

During their four months of planning, they initially set a goal of $125,000. They set that goal to coincide with the celebration of their 125th anniversary. They surpassed that goal as of this morning.

Now, donations continue to pour in from all over the world. Donors can choose whether to donate towards the general school fund or the tornado rebuild.

To donate or to get more information, visit

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