There are a Lot of Things I Look Out for When Traveling.

Traveling has gotten so expensive and I catch myself trying to find unique ways to save money. Do I use certain credit cards just to be able to get the most out of my traveling? Absolutely. Do I pack a lunch if I am going to an airport that doesn't have an Amex lounge? Yup. Once again no shame here. One thing I have always taken advantage of is a hotel with a breakfast buffet.

When Looking for a Hotel I Will Pick One That Serves a Free Continental Breakfast.

The thought of not having to pay for one meal brings me so much relief. Sometimes the cost of breakfast can start to add up, so eliminating that cost is a welcome relief. I am normally traveling with friends I can't imagine what traveling with a family feels like.

Author PJ O'Neal claims that there are 5 items that you need to avoid the next time you stay at a hotel that offers a breakfast buffet. He went on to explain that most of these warnings come from the FDA. You can read what PJ O'Neal had to say by clicking here. 

Just a warning, everything that they suggest you avoid is what we normally fill our plates with, all I can think of is "What can I eat then?".

Before you hit up the buffet on your next vacation read this.


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