It Is the Season of "Catching Flights and Not Feelings".

It seems like everyone is catching a flight to one of their favorite places to enjoy some PTO. If you are that person who loves catching a buzz when you fly there is a deadly combination you need to be aware of/

A New Study Found That Falling Asleep on a Plane After a Few Drinks Could Kill You.

If you are that person who downs some of those mini bottles hoping and praying you can pass out and magically wake up at your destination you might want to rethink that travel hack. A study out of Germany claims that the combination of alcohol, sleep, and pressurized air strains your heart. It's no secret that when you're in a plane you're dealing with air pressure and oxygen levels that are a lot lower for the most part it  affects everyone in different ways.


The study had 48 adults sleep for four hours in a pressurized chamber twice. The first time there was no alcohol involved and the second time they had two drinks. After the two drinks heart rates started to rise and blood oxygen levels plummeted, it even strained the hearts of people who were relatively young and healthy. So if you think it is just people with heart issues that need to be worried, think again.

Before you agree to calming your flight jitters with some booze, read the full study and make the decision for yourself.

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