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If you believe the folks at US News & World Report, Louisiana is officially the worst state in the entire United States...

Here we go again! Louisiana, always finding itself at the bottom of the barrel in some report or study. But get this, this time they're not just saying we're bad at stuff, they're straight-up calling us the worst. And get this, the so-called "best" state according to them is Utah... yeah, the one known for polygamy. So what gives? This is what US News & World Report had to say:

Louisiana finished at the bottom, ranking 50th for crime and corrections and 49th for economy, environment, and infrastructure.

Ouch. We're not perfect, that's for sure. Especially when it comes to looking out for our youth. But we're not all bumbling buffoons, right? And to add insult to injury, only one Southern state managed to crack the top ten, and guess who? Florida!

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I don't care what US World News & Report has to say. Louisiana may be at the bottom of some lists, but we've got our perks! From mouthwatering food that'll make you slap your momma, to the most memorable statewide parties you'll ever crash, and don't even get me started on our music and culture. We're a whole vibe, y'all!

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