Settling in for a movie just isn't the same without something sweet.

Who doesn't love a good movie, am I right? Even though watching a movie doesn't necessarily mean going to the theater as much as it used to, you still want something to snack. It doesn't matter if your in a seat or snuggled in on your couch.

For me, I love popcorn or something chocolate. Sometimes both. Sometimes together. Hey, don't knock throwing your M&M's into your popcorn until you try it. It's sweet and salty and delicious.

Recently, a podcast called Lights, Camera, Barstool crunched some numbers to determine which candy was a favorite among movie-goers in each state.

Louisiana apparently like Pixie Sticks.

I can't say I completely agree with this one nor can I confirm I've actually seen these at the theater. However, it's on the Internet so we're taking it to the grave. What is you favorite movie movie candy?